Mediterranean Estate

Mediterranean Landscape with Redwood and Pines.

He likes the forest. Redwood and pines.
She likes the desert. Palms and succulents.
They both love Valley Oaks.
We made it work.

To create this blend of tastes, we began with the need to preserve the established Valley Oak trees already on the property. At the entry we placed an impressive stand of four Queen PalmsMore palms and succulents are used close to the home. The expansive lawn stretches out to Coastal Redwoods. Custom fountains add a peaceful ambience to the home and a luxury outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertaining. Privacy was another must, so the property is edged with oleanders and other plantings. A rare-for-this-area Jacaranda tree brings forth beautiful purple blooms. Both he and she love to practice their favorite sport on the three-par golf course, sand trap, and putting green. Over 200 tons of boulders were imported for this landscape and many surround the extra large sand trap.