Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape Management and Service

Landscape management is critical. Your plants and trees are living matter. Just like you, they need proper nourishment and regular checkups. Although we do not provide weekly yard service, we can assist with necessary maintenance. Our experience is that your weekly yard service provider will not know the specific requirements of all the plants and trees in your new landscape. Nor will he know all the signs that signal health or sickness. We can help.

Landscape Management Plans

Unlike other landscape companies, who wait until a customer calls with a problem, we offer proactive management plans. We like to be on-site and see problems before you do. Then we address and fix the problems before you have to call us. In addition, we can check on your outdoor hard features: irrigation, fountains, or outdoor structures that may need a little TLC. Remember, a landscape maintenance plan preserves your landscape and protects your investment. Plus it saves money because you won’t have to do any major re-plantings.

Typically, we regularly schedule tasks like …

  • Identifying and removing noxious weeds
  • Identifying pests and diseases
  • Applying fertilizers
  • Pruning dead wood on trees
  • Pruning young trees as needed*
  • Applying soil amendments
  • Applying ground mulch to shrub beds
  • Applying ground mulch around trees
  • Checking and servicing irrigation systems
  • Checking and servicing lighting systems
  • Checking and servicing drainage systems

Selecting A Landscape Management Plan

Based on the specific care your plants and trees need, we will recommend one of the landscape maintenance plans below.

  • Monthly Plan
  • 8-Week Plan
  • Quarterly Plan

Of course, we are always available on-call for troubleshooting.


*We do not offer major tree trimming except as part of our offerings for the initial landscape development.