Design and Planning

3D Landscape Design Plan

An Outdoor Area Plan To Make Your Landscape Dreams Come True

Your new outside world begins with your personalized Outdoor Area Plan! The first step is a thorough consultation with one of our expert designers who will ask you important questions like …

  • How will your outdoor property be used?
  • Which plants and trees do you like?
  • Which plants and trees do you dislike?
  • Which landscape motifs do you like? Mediterranean, Tropical, Traditional, Formal, Natural, etc.
  • What will go well with the architecture of your home?
  • Do you have any special objects you wish to display outdoors?


Once we understand your desires, our creative team will get to work to develop and design a plan just for you. We’ll select the flowers, plants, and trees that best fit your vision. No homework for you. Remember, we make each of our outdoor area plans unique. No cookie-cutter templates. If you have a difficult time visualizing your project from a 2D (paper) plan, our designers can create a 3D video so you can virtually “tour” your new landscape.


As general contractors for the outside of your home, we will build and oversee the site grading, hardscaping, irrigation, electrical, drainage, pools, water features, planting, and outdoor lighting.

Landscape Planning And Prep Services

  • Master Outdoor Area Plans
  • Landscape / Garden Designs
  • Hardscape Designs
  • Pool Designs
  • Site Grading
  • 2D and 3D Plans