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Mediterranean Landscape

Splendid Landscapes. What you need to know. 

You’ll rest easy when you hire Plant Systems, Inc. Even better, you’ll be excited! And we’ll be just as excited. We love to help our customers get breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. Here’s what you need to know …

Is Plant Systems qualified to handle my job?

You bet! We’ve been helping small and large residential customers since 1984 — over 3,000 customers. We carefully train our team in all aspects of their jobs: planting and pruning techniques; irrigation installation; pesticide applications, construction, tractor operation, safety issues, etc. In addition, we’ve won more awards for our landscapes than any other firm in Tulare and Kings counties. 

Will my landscape look like everyone else’s?

We once had a client who said, “You guys aren’t cookie-cutter. Your jobs don’t all look the same.” Your landscape will be uniquely perfect, too. That’s because we’ll sit down with you and gather as much information as we can. We’ll look at the architectural style of your home and ask you about the kinds of landscapes you like. We’ll ask how you are going to use your outdoor area? We’ll take into consideration how the indoors will flow to the outdoors. Then our creative design team will come up with a unique design perfect for your home. We want you to be blessed with the beauty of nature each and every time you walk outside your home.

Can you handle a country estate or large residential property?

Very few local companies can do the high end design-build landscapes we can. We’re  general contractors for the whole outside area. That means we do plumbing, lighting, woodworking, drainage, grading, stonework / masonry, concrete, pavers, and more. We design and build features like fountains, pergolas, barbecues, gazebos, and patios. The only exception is pool construction, but we do design unique pools to go with our landscape designs. See All Services.

Can I get a landscape that’s both kind to the environment and beautiful?

Being valley dwellers ourselves, we know the importance of saving every drop of water possible. In fact, many of our customers request landscapes that minimize lawns. We specialize in designing highly-efficient landscapes that are drought tolerant and use minimal water. 

I don’t have a lot of time. Who shops for the plants?

We make it super easy. We will select and purchase all the plants you need. Of course, if you want to look at plants yourself, you can come to our nursery where we custom grow many of our own plants, perennials, and trees. We’ll give you VIP treatment and take you through our nursery on one of our golf carts. 

How do you work with existing trees on the property?

There is nothing like beautiful, legacy trees with which to begin a landscape plan. We love to incorporate healthy established trees into a design plan. Of course, it’s important to assess the health of existing trees. For that, we work with a certified arborist. If trees are sick, they are treated or removed. 

I don’t want to wait for new trees to grow. Can you handle planting large trees?

Our nursery has more large trees than any nurseries in Tulare and Kings counties. In addition, we have excellent connections with other large tree nurseries throughout the state. Your new landscape will feature beautiful, mature trees.

Do you build landscapes that are low maintenance?

Yes! All of our landscapes are designed to be as low maintenance as possible. Of course, all plants and trees do require some care. After consultation with you, we will design a landscape that suits your personal lifestyle.

What kind of maintenance services do you offer?

We do not offer weekly yard service, but we do offer maintenance plans, which we strongly recommend. That’s because your weekly yard service provider simply won’t know the requirements for all the various trees and plants in your new landscape. Nor will he  know all the signs that signal health or sickness. Most landscape companies tend to wait until a customer calls with a problem. But we offer proactive maintenance plans. We prefer to be on-site and see problems before you do. Then we address and fix the problems before you have to call us. Plants and trees are perishable items, so it’s critical to regularly observe them and know what to look for. In addition, we can check on any hard features: irrigation, fountains, or outdoor structures that may need a little TLC. A maintenance plan preserves your landscape and  protects your investment. Plus it saves headaches because you won’t have to do any major re-plantings. Based on the specific care your plants and trees need, we will recommend one of the following landscape maintenance plans: Monthly; Eight Weeks; or Quarterly.

Can you deliver my new landscape fast?

We are a good-sized firm for this area with about three or four crews working every day. Our delivery will depend on the size and complexity of your project and the time of year. We don’t hurry or rush. We would rather a project takes a little longer and gets done correctly. We never give deadlines to our crews. We want them to do their jobs well. When folks get in a hurry, people get hurt. Safety is front and center in our organization. That being said, our team leaders walk all of our landscaping jobs. We know how long tasks should take. Our crews are hard workers; they don’t dawdle.

Do you charge for estimates?

When you phone us, we’ll look up your home on Google maps and discuss your project. We can then give you a rough free estimate.