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Add A Little Light To The Night – Visalia Times Delta


This technique simulates the effects of moonlight through the use of soft, diffused light. Fixtures are placed high in trees or on structures, creating soft downward light. “Downlighting is a far better way to light a pathway than with a ground fixture,” said Cox. “This is much more dramatic and eliminates having fixtures of the ground that are likely to be damaged by traffic.”


Spotlighting is a dramatic technique for highlighting an object such as a statue, a tree, or and entrance way.


The silhouette of a dramatically-shaped tree or other object can be created by reflecting light off a vertical surface behind it. The light source should be concealed.


Although this light does not occur in nature, it can provide dramatic effects when used sparingly. The light source is mounted at ground level and angled up to display a tree, artwork, or structure.

Cross lighting

This lighting variation uses two or more lights.

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