Landscape Projects

Favorite Landscape Projects by Plant Systems, Inc.

As landscape contractors, we specialize in creating a variety of landscapes. Below you’ll find examples of some of our favorite landscape projects, including traditional, Mediterranean, Asian, country, modern, exotic, eclectic, etc. Explore our projects, but remember: Your new landscape will be unique for you!

  • Rustic Hideaway
    Rustic Hideaway
  • Retreat on the Water
    Retreat on the Water
  • Mediterranean Masterpiece
    Mediterranean Masterpiece
  • Mediterranean Estate
    Mediterranean Estate
  • Formal Farmhouse
    Formal Farmhouse
  • Eclectic Lagoon
    Eclectic Lagoon
Natural Landscape
Crooked Tree in Natural Landscape
Natural Arbor
Birch Trees in Natural Landscape
Boulder Landscape
Dry Creek
Walkway in Natural Landscape
House in the Woods
Natural Front Yard Landscape
Rustic Hideaway

A Natural Landscape

For this rustic hideaway, a “natural” landscape meant preserving the natural vegetation, trees, streams, and rocks of the property. It also meant giving nature a helping hand with pathways, sprinkler systems, and night lighting. The result is a truly pristine natural look … yet people-friendly landscape.

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Poolside Landscaping
Pool Landscaping
Hot Tub Landscape
Lakefront Landscape
Retreat on the Water

Creative Pool Landscaping

The pool landscaping for this project is front and center. From the pool deck, the pool seems to flow into the lake. Exotic palms and banana trees make the scene serene. And lots of color make it joyful.

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Mediterranean Landscape
Stately Entrance
Flowery Walkway
Big Rock Corner
Swaying Palms Over Pool
Mediterranean Landscape with Fountains and Pool
Grand Patio with Planters
Mediterranean Walkway
More Mediterranean Landscape
View from Side Yard
Balustrade with Lion Fountain
Mediterranean Landscape
Terraced Landscaping
Swaying Palms with Pool and Spa
Misty Fountain in Pool
Mediterranean Masterpiece

Estate with Mediterranean Landscaping

This estate home features Mediterranean landscaping with a generous use of palm trees. A spacious walkway is bordered with colorful flowers and plants, Plants selected were those that offer a variety of foliage and hues.The pool comes alive with beautiful fountains. Of course, the signature elements of this landscape are the swaying palm trees over the pool, which add a dramatic flair and are always commented upon by guests.

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Succulents in a Sculpture
Natural Landscape
Shooting Palms in Mediterranean Landscape
Colorful Walkway
Fountain in Mediterranean Landscape
Luxury Outdoor Kitchen
Serene Stone Fountain in Garden
Mediterranean Landscape Poolside
Expansive Lawn
Mediterranean Estate

Mediterranean Landscape with Redwoods and Pines

He likes the forest. Redwood and pines.
She likes the desert. Palms and succulents.
They both love Valley Oaks.
We made it work.

To create this blend of tastes, we began with the need to preserve the established Valley Oak trees already on the property. At the entry we placed an impressive stand of four Queen Palms. More palms and succulents are used close to the home. The expansive lawn stretches out to Coastal Redwoods. Custom fountains add a peaceful ambience to the home and a luxury outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertaining. Privacy was another must, so the property is edged with oleanders and other plantings. A rare-for-this-area Jacaranda tree brings forth beautiful purple blooms. Both he and she love to practice their favorite sport on the three-par golf course, sand trap, and putting green. Over 200 tons of boulders were imported for this landscape and many surround the extra large sand trap.

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Manicured Landscape for Country Home
Flowers in Formal Landscape
Traditional Home Landscape
Burst of Colorful Flowers
View of Formal Lawn from Porch
Fragrant Walkway
Cool Walkway
Manicured Landscape for Driveway
Formal Landscape for Driveway
Neat Bushes and Hedges in Manicured Landscape
Landscape for Children's Play Area
Alert Doggies
Formal Farmhouse

Manicured Landscape for Country Home

This country home looks lovely with its manicured landscape featuring neat and tidy rows of plants buttoned in with colorful borders or hedges. The expansive lawn invites young and old alike to a game of croquet or badminton. The backyard features a children’s play area with a garden just for the kids.

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Cozy Landscaping Entrance to Craftsman Home
Eclectic Garden in Backyard
Waterfall in Landscape
Eclectic Garden by Pool
Eclectic Garden
Bathtub Planter in Eclectic Garden
Corner in Eclectic Garden
Sculptures in Eclectic Garden
Landscape with White Pickett Fence
Eclectic Garden with Vintage Pickup Truck
Eclectic Landscape
Landscaped Driveway
Eclectic Lagoon

Eclectic Garden Design for Home

Many personal items this family owned were incorporated into an eclectic garden design for this historic Craftsman home. Artistic sculptures, a bathtub, and a vintage pickup truck all found a home in this landscape. Yet the feel of the garden is uncluttered, welcoming, and unified.

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